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Diamond is a term that brings automatic shine into people’s eyes. From last many decades, diamond jewelry has been very popular all around the world mainly because they are rarely found and expensive. Diamonds are not only found in white color, but there is a huge variety, diamonds come in green, blue, purple, pink, brown, and black color. Because there is a range available, you can choose whatever you like. People who are planning to buy truly attractive diamond in less price, chocolate diamond is the new cool thing.

Before you make a decision, just know that there is difference between colored gemstones and color diamonds so don’t get confused. For instance blue diamond though look like sapphire, but both are completely different from each other. Diamonds are made of carbon whereas gemstones are made from different materials.  The shine of the diamonds is mainly due to the spacing between nitrogen atoms.

Well, there is a myth that diamonds are permanent and can’t be destroyed. Without any doubt they are considered as the hardest material on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be destroyed, broken or chipped. They are expensive gems that needs to be treated with care and should be taken care of even though they are pretty hard and tough. Here are some important tips that can help you protect your diamond.



People often ask if diamonds can be damaged. Well, yes they can! Diamonds are hard stones, but you can chip or break them. Breaking or chipping is not the only method to damage the diamond, strong chemicals can often damage lavishing properties of the diamond. Strong chemicals can discolor the diamond and make them dull and cloudy.

Don’t forget to take off your ring while working with any sort of chemical, the strong properties of chemicals can damage the diamond especially if they are colored.  In most cases use of chemicals don’t just damage the diamond, but the metal setting is also hurt which makes ring fixation impossible. So,



You should not remove diamonds from your body just because they are between a nine and ten on Moh’s scales. You should take them off while cleaning with chemicals, lifting weights, swimming, gardening, participating in sports, applying lotion/cream and working with construction tools. As mentioned diamond comes in variety of Note that colors and shapes like marquise or pear, different shape makes them prone to damage. Diamond with any sharp points are easy to break as compared to ones with round shape.


Tips to Protect your Diamond

One way to protect your ring is by taking it off while participating in activities mentioned above or you can save it by making sure it is insured.  Insurance will not only cover the cost of the diamond, but the band also. In order to get desired outcomes, you need to make sure that it is insured for proper amount.  If the worth of the diamond is $10,000, you surely don’t want to get it insured for $1,000. Of course no one would want to hear no when they go for ring replacement. Therefore, one should insure it as per worth of the diamond.

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