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As the beautiful baby bump grows, it gets hard to keep up with the exercises and the gym routine. Sometimes the changing hormones make you extremely lazy and the other times, you are skeptical in general whether you should do fitness exercises during pregnancy. With numerous health and fitness apps available in the market, it is not always necessary to hit the gm to be fit. You can use these fitness apps to count your calories, ensure a balanced diet, do suitable exercises and stay fit. But the question is: can you use these health and fitness apps during pregnancy? YES, you can!

While a lot of health professionals advise to keep the exercises low-key and less-strength based so that you don’t end up putting a strain on your baby, there are multiple such apps that are focused on providing tailor-made exercises depending upon your specific pregnancy case.

Can I use these health and fitness apps without consulting a doctor?

No, it is always advised to consult a health professional first before starting any exercise regime during pregnancy. Your doctor understands your case better and would be the best decision-maker to help you choose amongst the best health and fitness apps available. On the other hand, there are several pregnancy apps that are managed by pre and post-natal trainers who are certified experts in their field. For instance, apps such as ‘Oh Baby!’ has a trainer, Kathleen Donahoe, who gives you specific and custom-advised Pilates, yoga or strength moves for muscle groups that support you during pregnancy and labor and also makes you fit post-partum.

Benefits of using fitness apps during pregnancy

Health and fitness apps bear a number of benefits for pregnant women. These are:

  • Tracked fitness

While it is normal to gain weight during pregnancy, you should keep a check on your calories and weight because excessive weight increases your chances of a troubled pregnancy. With health and fitness apps, you can keep a track on your weight and save yourself from the potential problems

  • Ease in labor

When you exercise and work on certain muscles, it expands the muscle and make them stronger. This way your labor gets easier and you experience less pain.

  • Tailor-made exercises

These exercises are tailored to your specific case and experts will only suggest you exercises that will suit you.

  • Post-natal weight

Using health and fitness apps help you lose the extra weight post-partum and you can track your calories, food intake and exercise.

Pregnancy puts a strain on a woman’s body and women who are pregnant may not always prefer working out. With easy and custom-focused health and fitness apps, there are a lot of easy getaways of getting fit and experience easy labor. Exercising can help both; you and your baby as well as ease a lot of the common issues that arise as a result of pregnancy such as back pain, leg cramps, constipation, mood swings, etc.

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