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Time has long gone when the idea of chocolate diamonds was new to the public. Today, amongst all the colored diamonds, chocolate diamond has become the most preferred choice of women. Chocolate diamond doesn’t even possess a hint of chocolate. This term is given by Le Vian Corporation to help the different shade of brown diamond stand out. That was done as a marketing effort which has successfully reaped its benefits.

Are brown diamonds different from chocolate diamonds?

Chocolate diamonds are also brown diamonds but a different shade. The company registered their trademark in the year 2000 as chocolate diamonds. These diamonds are of a chocolatey cognac color and different from deep brown color of brown diamonds.

How much does chocolate diamonds cost?

These diamonds can be just as beautiful and stunning as their white counterparts; however, they are present in fraction of the price across the globe. A Le Vian chocolate diamond ring would cost around $1,300-$8,000. Le Vian corporation gets their diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia. Their quality assurance process is top-notch that ensures that only excellent quality diamonds are used in their jewelry. Since, chocolate diamonds have become a brand and are known on their own now, they are slightly more expensive than other brown diamonds. Nevertheless, they are still considerably cheaper than white diamonds.

Are they worth the price?

Certainly, people who buy chocolate diamonds vouch for them and use them for many years to come. These diamonds are preferred commonly amongst the public mainly because of the jaw-dropping cuts and designs and the affordable price tag. Even if they cost a thousand dollars, it is still considerably lesser than what white diamonds and other rare diamonds cost.

This doesn’t mean they are less valued and common. Chocolate diamonds are found in many parts of the world, but they are still considered valuable. People attach a number of pluses to these diamonds which makes them worth the price. These are:

  • Beautiful

These chocolate diamonds are said to be beautifully cut and designed which makes them unique and a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Le Vian’s designs are very trendy and eye-catching.

  • Easily cleaned

Like all other diamonds, chocolate diamonds must also be kept clean to prolong the lives of these diamonds. These are easily cleanable at home.

  • Much lesser price

Chocolate diamonds are available in a considerably cheaper price than other diamonds. This makes them affordable for many and with the unique designs, it becomes a win-win situation.

  • A diamond promise

Without spending hefty amounts of money, one can now keep the diamond promise by getting chocolate diamond rings on the wedding or engagement, etc.

Get beautiful and real chocolate diamonds from Le Vian Corporation. We promise you that our designs will leave you awe-stricken and our price tags will urge you to buy a beautiful chocolate diamond piece from us. Have a look at our store and enjoy the sweetness of chocolate.

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