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We all agree that the functional and attractive websites should be designed in a way that compliment both users and search engines, right? However, there are a number of very common design mistakes that negatively impact SEO. In this blog, you will find few common mistakes that web designer’s make, check if your site commits these common web design errors that can automatically affect the positioning of your website.


Common Web Design Errors:

Missing H1 Tag

Imagine visiting a website with a good header image, amazing navigation, a good font and a well-crafted color scheme. It is like walking through a beautiful garden. But what’s the point if it the website is not found by search engines. Why? Very simple, designers and web developers often forget the essential and basic elements of SEO.

The most common crime committed in web positioning is the absence of an H1 tag, it is simply because there is no place for it on the page. As an organic SEO agency we have seen this error very often.

The H1 tag is one of the first elements that search engines will see when they crawl a page. Having that tag and including your target keyword will improve your chances of ranking higher in the search engines.


To explain to the designers and owners of the websites the importance of an H1 tag, we are going to do the following test. Go to a website and browse for five seconds, if you can easily tell what the website is about, user navigation is good. In general, the simplest way to explain the purpose of the website is through the H1 tag.


The Weight of Images & Multimedia Files

The beautiful and elegant images make a website look amazing. However, you must be very careful with the size of those multimedia files. Avoid including large images and videos that weigh a lot, heavy sized images will make your website take longer to load, negatively affecting the speed of the site, which can lead to inferior results in the search results. Well, Google rewards the pages that load faster.


Pop Ups

Google recently warned websites to avoid using pop-ups and intrusive pop-ups.

The user experience, especially on mobile devices, is very important for Google. When pop-ups appear before your visitors, preventing them from accessing the main content of your website, it can have a negative impact on your user experience and, therefore, for your SEO. This could be a good time to reevaluate your strategy, if you have such pop-ups, especially if you are seeing a decrease in organic traffic.


Text in Images

Surprisingly, these common errors of web design is widespread. Well instead of including the text on the image (adding a layer of text) many web designers include the text in the image, which is equivalent to not including text at all. Well, search engines cannot see images as people see them.


Infinite Scroll

This is one of the most popular web design technique that can really affect the SEO performance of your website when it is done incorrectly. The infinite scroll is loading the content as the user reaches the bottom of the page. If your page is not configured correctly, search engines will not be able to crawl your pages.


Thin Content

The pages of products and services are the most important pages on your website. The absence of such pages on your website makes you miss an opportunity to sort organically for your target keywords.



Whether you’re working on a new website or redesigning an existing one, you should not forget these critical SEO elements. After all, what we want from a website is that everyone can reach it.

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