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Every year, fashion and jewelry enthusiasts anticipate the first Monday in May for New York’s red carpet event, also known as the Met Gala. It is the largest and the most important event for all designers and stylists across the world. All the celebrities wear dresses according to a specific theme and celebrate the annual fashion exhibition. This year the theme was entitled as ‘Camp’, which means all celebrities have to dress and accessorize according to the camp style particularly.

Where a majority of celebs interpreted the camp style beautifully with their jewels, dresses, feathers, and props. There were the ones too that failed to depict the theme correctly.

Below listed are few of the most impressive and original jewelry designs worn by the celebs on Met Gala 2019:


Bella Hadid was looking glamorous at the event. She wore a black gown with jeweled cutouts and completed her look with giant Chocolate Diamond® earrings. Hadid set an example of uniqueness with wearing 90 carats of Colombian Chocolate Diamonds®. She had been spontaneous with wearing black and diamonds on Met Gala.


J.Lo’s Met Gala look left people speechless. She always makes a bold appearance on the red carpet to let people stare. However, this time, she wore a jaw-dropping sparkling Versace dress on the pink carpet and accessorized it with an antique Dragon necklace. The neckpiece features a giant 129.48-carat Chocolate Diamond® in the center and small diamonds on the band. Not that but she matched it with vintage diamond chandelier earrings from 1972 and a sunflower diamond ring.


This year the English singer, actor, and international heartthrob made a stunning appearance on the red carpet, Met Gala. With his unique style, outfit and accessories he becomes the camp icon. His outfit was more subdued and exaggerated with the theme of the event. Styles completed his look with a single pearl earring, which featured an innovative style.


The supermodel Ashley Graham was spotted in a designer’s exclusive tuxedo dress as she headed to the Met Gala. She is a known supermodel who is famous for her bold personality and gorgeous looks. With her stunning outfit, she wore nude tights covered with small diamonds which was quite a show. Her look was pretty fancy as she left all the stars gazing her at the event. Her designer stated that she carried the look perfectly, just like he imagined.


Lily Collin sparkled like a Disney princess at this year’s Met Gala. She was arguably one of the best-dressed celebrities. Lily wore a beautiful gown in pearl white color with bold eye makeup and nude lip shade. With all these things, she completed her look with stars in her head that nailed the camp theme. And, last but not the least, her necklace was magnificent that took all the spotlight. It was a handcrafted neckpiece with small diamonds on the band and a rare diamond in front. Few reports say her neckpiece was from the newest high jewelry collection that depicts the modern art.

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